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Ashley Fires Interracial Sex Video

Ashley made a new friend this week. She’s called Lystra and she’s the hottest petite asian we have ever seen. So you know she was in for some Ashley Fires interracial fucking. Ashley being the dominant one in every sex session she gets into, had Lystra’s wet tongue spoil her dripping wet cunt. Ashley eventually returned the favor and it’s clear the two had the night of their lives together. Hope we’ll see them again soon. But in the mean time, let’s just sit back and anjoy the sexy blonde have sex with her fuck buddy for this update.

The two women don’t take much to get it started and as you will see, they go for one another’s clothes fast. And after making quick work of their outfits, the two horny ladies take their spots on Ashley’s queen size bed. Watch as the horny little Asian woman gets to work on our blonde’s cunt as she is eager to get her lips on that cunt. And rest assured that Ashley is quite happy to let her go all out, as she always loves herself a nice and hard oral session. Watch her return the favor later and enjoy the view guys. Also don’t forget to check out the past updates as well. You will love them too!

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Ashley and Moni Michaels Video

Ashley Fires had yet another friend of hers for some wild times. Namely Moni. And she just loves having Moni over for some wild fuck sessions. Moni Michaels is quite the slut and likes to have sex in every way she can think of when doing it. Well as you saw Moni as a guest porn star some updates ago, today you get to see her again and this time she and Ashely have some more all lady fun. Sit abck and watch this amazing and hot scene with sexy girl on girl action as they go about doing their thing in front of the cameras and you guys.

This time Ashley pulled that strap on dildo on her thigh, and she used it to fuck her buddy fast and hard like you will surely see. And lets face it, that with Ashley you are always in for some great times. Well this time you get to watch her fuck her buddy fast and hard as she is relentless on that sweet sweet pussy today. Sit back and enjoy as Moni screams in pleasure while Ashley fucks her tight and horny little cunt today. Enjoy the scene and rest assured that we’ll have more next week. Until then have fun with this one guys or enter the site and see other hot lesbians making out!
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Ashley Fires Machine

So this week we had a special treat fir our dear Ashley. Some custom made Ashley Fires machine to satisfy and fuck her every hole. First is what we call the turbo licker, a machine that simulates some sweet and wet pussy licking sessions that wont be forgotten to easy. After that made her nice and even wetter we brought out the dual penetrator. So got her to experience a very deep double penetration, up until she  had her first orgasm in this session. After many hours of having her pussy fucked to exhaustion, she had just one question in her mind. If the machines are for sale!

She chose this one in particular since she found it rather interesting. Actually she just needed to know how it operates and she was sold. Turns out that while the big black dildo would take care of her pussy, the rubber tongues would to some extra jobs to make sure that she feels like she’s in heaven. And naturally as soon as she gets home the first thing she does is plug it in and try it. Sit back and watch her taking her seat, and see her moan in pleasure as the machine pleases her eager cunt with the dildo and tongues this fine afternoon!

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Jacking Off the Neighbor

Ashley Fires and her friend were sunbathing in the garden today when they noticed Ashley’s neighbor taking a peek over the fence at the two beautiful women. A few whispers later, they brought him over and into Ashley’s house. As the two started to rub his cock he knew he was in for a nice threesome. You know by now that this sexy blonde always has a thing for having sexual fun, and her along with her female buddy intend to give this guy a run for his money this fine afternoon. Let’s see just what these hotties had in mind with him.

As you will see, the duo, cornered the dude and got just what they wanted. Watch them taking off his pants to reveal his big and hard cock. So sit back and watch the two cuties as they give this guy a nice and hot double blowjob in this amazing scene today. See them sucking and slurping on his cock and then watch the two ladies as they get along like good little sluts and take turns to ride on his man meat. And for a great finish you get to see both ladies jerking him off to get that nice jizz load all over themselves. Enjoy and goodbye! Also you might enter the site if you wanna see other kinky ladies getting wild!


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Ashley Fires Bondage

Ashley got a few friends together for a typical Ashley Fires bondage session. The first lucky girl in their group got to be bonded and sat on the sybian for some intense orgasms. The whole thing led to the girls eventually eating out each other’s pussies and some hardcore fingering sessions. Ashley sure knows how to throw a party. She never disappoints her friends in these situations. That’s why the came willingly to her bondage session willingly. Truth be told miss Ashley had this brand new toy and she just ahd to put it to the test somehow. That being the reason why she got her friends to come over and play.

And you can bet that all of them answered her call when she told them that she had some nice and fresh toys for them to try out. And they were of the sexual kind too. The offer was just too good for them to pass up, and they all came to her place that afternoon. The prize possession as you can see is the sybian and all of the cute and horny sluts wanted to take their turns on the orgasm inducing machine this fine afternoon. So sit back and watch all of these horny women taking turns to ride on that sex toy for this whole afternoon. We’re sure that you’ll just love it and rest assured that we’ll bring you more scenes like this next time! Until then check out the site and see some kinky lesbians getting restrained and fucked!


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Mistress Ashley Fires Anal Freak

This time Ashley turns into mistress Ashley Fires anal freak. She got her hands on a submissive stud to abuse for the night. She always wondered how guys felt when they slammed her ass and pussy doggie style. Today AshleyFires fulfilled that wish. The dude was taken for the fuck of his life. Our mistress has utterly dominated and ravaged the poor guys ass with her brand new strap-on dildo she bought just for the occasion. So basically in this sexy and hot scene you get to see the foxy blonde taking the lead role and giving this guy one unforgettable anal fucking.


She managed to get her hands on this little man slut at a local bar, and when she learned that this dude likes to let his ladies give him a nice anal treatment, giving that they have the toys, she couldn’t help herself. So she got him back to her place, and as you can see she didn’t wait to whip out her big dildo. Watch as the submissive guy presents his ass to her and watch her as she goes as deep as she can go in this horny dude’s ass. Sit back and enjoy him taking a nice and rough anal treatment form the hot blonde. Check out the site if you wanna see other guys getting ass fucked by some sexy mistresses! We hope that you’ll like it and see you next week as always!


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Fucking Amy Brooke’s Tight Ass

Getting bored yet again Ashley Fires brought over one of her best friends, namely Amy Brooke. It’s not their first time doing crazy things together though. But this time AshleyFires had a surprise in store for her friend. She bought a strap on dildo, and was just aching to test it. And what better way than Amy’s pussy and ass. She soon found herself top down and bottom up under Ashley’s commanding presence. Don’t fret though. Amy enjoyed every minute and every inch of the dildo that penetrated her wet pussy. Seems she’ll be visiting Ashley and her toy soon enough again. Enjoy this update, the girls sure did while fucking each other.

It seems that the lovely and sexy blonde never has a shortage of sexy friends to get it on with. Well today you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be in for some nice treatments with these two sexy and cute hotties. Watch as the super sexy and hot Amy and her friend pull out some very big and hard toys that they intend to use on one another’s eager pussies. Watch as Amy goes first on her buddy’s pussy as she bends her over and start to fuck her hard doggie style today. So sit back and watch these two sexy and amazing women as they have sex just for your viewing pleasure this fine day today. We hope that you’ll enjoy it and we’ll see you next time! Until then, enter the site and watch some hot babes getting kinky for the video camera!


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AshleyFires – Footjob

AshleyFires found herself in a football team locker room in her quest for sex. Fortunately for her there was one guy left there. And it was the perfect time to receive some attention himself too. Glad to be of service , she started by giving him a very arousing foot job, followed by a nice and wet blowjob. Well this sexy and hot blonde always likes to do her best for her home team, and this guy was about to get some nice and special treatment from the leading cheerleader today as you can see. So let’s get started and watch your favorite sexy blonde go at work today.

farang-ding-dong-kinky-ashley-giving-a-footjobSo today, the lovely and sexy blonde devised herself a nice little plan to motivate the best player of the home team. And as she was one of the cheerleaders, she had access to the locker-room. And naturally to make the guy play extra hard she gave him her word that she’d give him something special after the match. Sure enough she did, and as you can see that was the sexy action she did. So just sit back and watch her giving him a nice foot job, and then watch her suck his cock with a passion and watch her deep throat his man meat for this scene. Enjoy it and see you soon! If you can’t wait until then, check out the elite spanking site and see some sexy ladies getting whipped and spanked roughly!

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Ashley Fires Porn Star

Ashley has another friend of hers to play with today. She got quite lonely so she invited Farah to her place to spend the evening together. Ashley Fires porn star had some different things in mind than just chatting though. They soon started to undress while kissing passionately, and Farah went down to lick Ashley’s sweet pussy. And Ashley was delighted to have Farah’s gentle tongue lick her wet hole all evening. We’re sure that you guys are eager to get to see the ladies go at it, so let’s just begin and watch them have some fun!

The sexy scene starts off with the two sexy vixens and their little get together by the poolside. The horny women were in the mood and nothing would deter them from enjoying a nice and relaxing evening of pussy licking. watch as Ashley, the sexy blonde, gets her sweet and tight pussy licked and pleased by her buddy today as she receives her oral pleasure. You’ll get to see this naughty blonde moan in pleasure as her buddy does her best to please that pleasure hungry cunt of hers today. Enjoy it everyone and do come back nest week for some more super sexy scenes or enter the site and watch similar lesbian sex videos and pics!


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Ashley Fires – Cum Injector Fetish

Ashley Fires has one twisted little mind. She is known to have some very strange fetishes. And trust us some are pretty out there. For example she gets quite a kick by inserting semen in her pussy with a syringe. See her at as she delights her pussy with a shot of cum. Well one thing you may not know about the slutty blonde is that she always enjoys doing some really naughty and dirty stuff. This day is one of those days as she wanted to go full kinky mode for all of you guys with her scene today. So let’s just sit back and enjoy her show shall we?

farang-ding-dong-ashley-playing-with-her-cum-injectorAs the sexy scene starts off you can see that this sexy and gorgeous blonde is packing quite the sexy lingerie outfit for today. And she’s more than ready to show off her sexy womanly goods to you as she presents you with her sexy and alluring body. You get to see the sexy blonde take off her panties to present you with her wet and eager pussy. And after a nice and long masturbation session, you can see her pulling out a small syringe. Well that contains some jizz, and for the extra naughty effect you can see the sexy woman inject that into her sweet pussy today! If you’re looking for more, enter the site and see other beauties getting their cunts filled!

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